great success

Today's accomplishments in no particular order:

1) Getting up early even though it's Saturday.  Impressed?  The truth is I've been working to keep my internal clock on Utah time (1 hour ahead) so as to encourage being an earlier riser and an earlier to bed-er.  So far it's kind of working.

2) I made strawberry jam by myself for the first time!  Yippee for having homemade jam in the house again (no offense to the Smuckers currently in our fridge...)

3) Finally thought to use this handy-dandy hand blender (to squish up the rest of the strawberries when my potato masher wasn't doin' the trick).  I've had it since *cough* Christmas (thanks Mom!) and I just never think to use it!  Anyways, I love it now.

4) Not exactly my accomplishment, but David has been CPA studying non-stop since 9:00 in the AM today (it's almost 3:30 now) - that boy has more dedication and focus than I often care to muster in one sitting.  I sure hope our children take after him in that regard...

P.S. You like how he decided to match the table?
P.S.S. That's our new table!  I will get around to posting about that eventually, I promise.

5) And lastly I HAVEN'T eaten ONE cookie today.  None!  Zero!  Zilch!  I often have a problem resisting any sort of baked goods in the house and these cookies are no exception, but today (for some miraculous reason) I haven't given in...yet.  After dinner cookies will not count.


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I love the pictures of your apartment, I can't wait to see it in a month!