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David and I both love food.
Umm...a lot.  So even though we were sad to leave behind our favorite Provo haunts (like here, here, & here), we are so excited to explore what the San Fernando Valley has to offer.

Upon further research, however, we've found that most people don't think that Santa Clarita is a foodie hot spot.

Well, we've decided to prove them wrong.

Dave and I are officially on the look out for the valley's yummiest food joints and on Saturday night we hit up a local Peruvian restaurant via Yelp's recommendations:

Preface: David served a two year LDS mission for the Mormon church in Chili, and apparently there are a lot of Peruvians in Santiago (Who knew?  Not me), ergo he was pretty excited about the menu and even more excited to share it with me.

Please Note - this list is mostly for me to remember what we ate so when we go back I'll remember what I liked - so feel free to skip, skip, skip and enjoy the pictures

Starter: yummy boiled potatoes + creamy sauce
For Me: Pollo Saltado (roasted chicken with onions, peppers, tomatoes with fries and rice on the side)
For Him: Aji De Gallina  (shredded chicken in a spicy cheese sauce + rice)
Normally I'll just grab a glass of water when we go out to eat, but David was so pumped that this place had actual Peruvian drinks that, okay, we splurged.

Drinks: Inca Kola (which, no joke, tastes just like bubble gum)
& Chicha Morada (a purple corn, cinnamon drink that pretty much tastes like the fruit juice version of Horchata).

Our Review:
  • The food was FANTASTIC
  • The service was friendly
  • The decor was quaint, simple, and clean
  • And the prices were very reasonable
All in all we give this place two big thumbs up and expect to go back for sure.  Plus one point for the Santa Clarita food scene!

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