Alright.  I'm going to brag a little bit.  You ready for it?

It has only taken me a few long short 10 months, BUT - - - I'm finished with our wedding album!

I know, I know.  Hold your applause.

It was my task to choose my 97 favorites out of the nearly 1,100 pictures taken on our wedding day.  I tell ya, it's wasn't easy to narrow down those lovely things.

I used Pinhole Press and was really impressed with how user friendly they were...I'll let you know how the finished product turns out when I get it back in a week or two (insert excited happy face here).

P.S. I did a little bit of P90X Yoga yesterday (as in I did 30 minutes out of the hour and a half work out on the DVD because my elbows were giving out) and I am SO SORE today.  What the what?  I only did 30 minutes!  Dear P90X, you are ridiculous, but I really want to master your yoga DVD. . . see you when my body heals up.


Annie said...

Oo so fun! I did a photo book for our dating to engaged time, then one for our wedding photos and exiting the temple, one for our reception and now I do one for every year we are married. It also helps get me to make sure we have photos taken every year so I have some pretty ones for the covers of my books.
I haven't used Pinhole Press before but I love MyPublisher (Picaboo is pretty great too). The prices aren't catastrophic and they have lots of sales/promotions, my favorite of which being their Free Extra Pages sale. That means I can put up to 100 pages of photos for the price fo 20 pages. Which saves me seriously over 50% most of the time.
I'm interested to see how you like the quality of the Pinhole Press book. Let me know! And MyPublisher is worth a look if you haven't already!
:)Congrats on the big accomplishment of finishing the book! Now you'll have a lovely coffee table book. And Congrats on 10 months!

Carly Michelle said...

Thanks for the tips Annie! And how cute are you to be making an album every year? I love that idea - I might have to copy you ;)