highlights no. 38

Hey friends!  It's the middle of the week again!  Only 2 days till Friday!  So far this week has been full of a lot of David studying/ working and a lot of me flittering around the apartment/ working on finding a place to work. . .anyone have connections in Valencia, California?  I'm all ears.
Enjoy some tidbits from the web while I go find some applications to fill out:

state sandwiches - yummy & beautiful!

I want this embroidery wall art

dear sweatpants. . .this is the truth my friends

a rainbow wedding

GORGEOUS tree portraits 

have you seen the world's cutest little boy on America's Got Talent?

I love the quote at the end of this article about loving your significant other (and all their quirks)

22 rules of storytelling according to Pixar

a cute post about siblings (I sure miss having mine closer these days. . .)

tips for making your eyes POP!

And lastly, Harry Potter has the answer to everything (but I'm pretty sure I already knew that)



Chelsie Clarke said...

I still love these.

can you please do an apt. tour already!? We want to see your new place!

Christine said...

I am glad Jarelle has a link to your blog so I can visit. It is fun to see how you are! I am going to put a giant cross stitch on my wall - Love it!

Carly Michelle said...

Chelsie the apartment tour is coming! I just need to vacuum first...and dust and clean up, etc etc.
And Christine I'm so glad you found me! It'll be fun to stay in contact a little bit more via the blog world ;)

Brooke said...

Hey you are closer to me now! We can do those cute sibling things. You know you want to with your adorable little sister! ;)