highlights no. 33

This week David and I have just decided to enjoy the...nothingness.  No school.  No work.  Just chillin' and enjoying our new found graduated freedom.  Of course this won't last long (I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy if it did), but for now we are eating leftovers from last week's celebrations, soaking up the warm weather, and kicking our feet up.  Surprisingly (in a good way) this fit of relaxation hasn't involved much screen time so this weeks tidbits are kind of short - I hope you enjoy them all the same :)

a print I'd like have

unique museum tours

the perfect recipe for a chocolate craving

indoor plants that help purify your air (read full article here)

a book on my wishlist

some darling cupcakes (scroll down a ways to see them)

a great tissue holder

and a DIY banner I need to make


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