double duces

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and the weather was kind enough to be in the 80's, just like I asked for - thanks Utah!

David surprised me with presents in bed (wrapped in tinfoil due to our lack of wrapping paper - classic) and a lazy morning.

Lunch was picked up on our way out of town up Provo canyon to enjoy the sunshine - could you ask for a better way to spend the afternoon than sippin' on root beer, listening to our book on tape while sitting next to the Provo river/stream?

It was delightful.

 And then it was off to Color-Me-Mine (a tradition in the making I think) for some painting - laugh if you want, but it's seriously one of my favorite places.

We'll see how well our pull knobs turned magnets make out...

After a stroll around the Riverwoods (and some shopping with well earned book sell-back money) we went to dinner at Gloria's Little Italy where I promptly forgot to take any pictures and thoroughly enjoyed my food & free birthday gelato (not necessarily in that order).

All in all a completely and utterly wonderful and relaxing birthday full of family, love, and good food.

Bringing it on year 22 - I have a feeling it's gunna be a good one.



Abby O! said...

Happy birthday yesterday! You share with one of my favorite people in the whole world (Mr. Xander Pants) and that's pretty awesome in and of its self.

Christa Jeanne said...

22 is a fabulous age, Carly. So many adventures transitioning from college life to full-fledged adulthood - it was one of my favorites. Looks like you kicked it off splendidly! Enjoy. :)