I'm pretty sure I've got the best friends around - the kind of wonderful friends that will take you to your favorite restaurant to celebrate your birthday and top it off by baking you a funfetti cake and, well, bring it with them:

We were the talk of the place - everyone wished they were sitting at our table, and for good reason.  Jarelle bakes a mean funfetti cake.  They even lit the candles (quickly) and sang me happy birthday.

I'm sure going to miss excuses to celebrate at Zupas (and we've had a few), but I'm gunna miss the group of people at that table even more.

Good thing I get to take that cute guy with me wherever I go, and we'll always have an array of ample excuses to visit Provo.



Annie said...

Happy Birthday!
What beautiful people!
I have to say it's still weird seeing a ring on Stephen's finger!

Carly Michelle said...

Thanks Annie! And I know, right? I'm still getting used to Jarelle's ring!