Due to the fact that David and I have a limited amount of time left here in Utah we decided to come up with a bucket list of things to do before we move - you know, the types of things you just never seem to get around to doing even when you've lived somewhere for 4 years (or in David's case, most of his life).

I mean, I've been to Salt Lake City loads of times while in college, but I've never seen THE Great Salt Lake.  What's up with that?  Problem solved yesterday when we drove by it on our way to the Bonneville Salt Flats - which were, by the way, much more fun than the lake (and smelled a whole lot better).

It was windy as all get out and my face felt like I'd been at the beach all day (being pelted with salty air) when we got back in the car, but it was pretty fun:

The flats are kind of forever away (an hour drive north to SLC, turn west and an hour or so drive that way as well), and I'm pretty sure we actually made it across the Nevada border at one point, but it was an adventure.

We rewarded ourselves with shopping at City Creek (okay, that one was for me) and another bucket list check-off: Bruges' machine gun sandwich

We're talkin' a fatty fresh baguette stuffed with lamb sausage, french fries and a whole lot of Andalouse sauce (mayo with spices in it, I think) - needless to say it was a man sandwich and I only survived a few bites - also please note we only got ONE of those beasts to share, I knew better than to get my own.

All in all we thought it was a pretty productive day - ending with a fort in our living room and watching Cars 2 on David's laptop.  Cheers to more Thursdays spent like this one.


F as in Frank said...

I loooooooved the Salt Late (except for the smell). I really want to visit the flats sometime.

Carly Michelle said...

You really should get out to the flats - kind of a long drive, but I've never seen anything really like them!