I'll know.

I'll know we've made it...

When we can start buying name brand cereal again
     (even if I have become sort of attached to those Magic Stars and Rice Puffs)

When I can stop halving the cotton ball to take my make-up off at night.

When buying myself a new pair of shoes will seem somewhat plausible.

When we can both take a shower with full water pressure and both get ample hot water.

When the internet will be a little trustier.

I know we've got it made now...

When he smiles at me when he walks through the door after work.

When we can drive to the in-laws and eat the rest of their Sunday leftovers.

When we come up with the funnest dates for less than $10.

When we live so close to family.

When we sit together and do homework listening to Explosions in the Sky.

When we climb into bed and talk for an hour still.

When we go grocery shopping together and get excited about cooking.

When we decided to watch all the old James Bond movies on Netflix just for fun.

When vacuuming the whole house takes 10 minutes.

Sometimes I'm tempted to live for the future, but I've decided it's better to live for right now.



Jordan and Laura said...

very sweet carly! spot on.

Kathleen said...

I love this post :)