highlights no. 20

A clever new use for a pegboard


A beautiful bedroom make-over (on a budget)

How to plant your own succulents

I'm awful at ironing - 8 tips to get it right

Isn't this the sweetest little dress?

Check out all these vintage inspired hats

A tortellini & garden vege bake - looks fresh and delish

AWESOME 3D goldfish paintings - you MUST watch the video

The skirt that would go with everything I own

17 tips to make your life easier

365 days of slow cooking - this lady really used her crock pot EVERY DAY for a year
     p.s. we used one of her recipes last night and it was a winner

A great way to display all your foreign coinage

The recipe website for whatever you've got in the fridge

A daring online shop

And some great ways to pay it forward this year


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