business as usual

I've decided that "women's business casual" is the most ambiguous word in the professional book.
What does it even mean?  Does anyone really know?

For a man, business casual is slacks, no tie - nice, but dressed down.
For a woman, business casual is...a dress?
a skirt?
nice jeans & a blouse?

I opted for the latter for my first day on the job.

Exhibit A:

I soon found out I was overdressed when I met my coworker at the front desk wearing bright red jeans and TOMs.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for bright red jeans - I'm even in the market for a pair right now (she got hers at Old Navy - never even thought to look there) I just wasn't aware they fit the description of business causal...

Turns out they do in Lindon, Utah.

Dually noted.

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Chelsie Clarke said...

I wore my (not bright) red denim to work today. ... they said to wear dress pants, and I couldn't wear blue jeans... but technically they're red, not blue... all in all I haven't been scolded yet. In other words, POWER TO THE RED PANTS!