8 months

I really never thought this blog would eventually be whittled down to a bunch of baby updates, but, alas, so it has.  Who has time for anything more??  One day, I'll get back to recording our lives.  For now I only have enough energy to make us a Shutterfly album, sorry blog.

So eight months!  What a seriously fun time.  This little chub has definitely become very opinionated and he'll let you know it.  He's gotten very good at pushing things away he doesn't want: his pacifier, a spoon, your hand when you try to wipe his face.  He's also a champ at letting you know when he wants something.  Took away that toy he was playing with?  "Mmmmm! Mmmm!" means "Hey I wanted that!"

We also finally have a tooth!!  His little grin looks so different now. And we're working on its neighbor as we speak.  That first one was a beast to get through.  We're talking cranky, sad, grump of all grumps.  Wouldn't go to sleep unless he was nursing, clingy, crabby, all the things he really never is.  It was a rough 7 days.  This second tooth hasn't been nearly as bad so far, so I'm just crossing my fingers for a new normal since we've got 20 odd more of these bad boys to get through.

We introduced little dude to a bottle when he was a little over a month old annnnd...never really went back to it.  So, unfortunately, he lost the skill and absolutely refused to take a bottle when we started up a little over a month ago.  Sigh, momma's gotta concert to go to at the end of August little guy!  We had to figure this out!  Well, it took a month plus, and a lot of patience on Dave's part, but we did it.  This kid now takes a bottle like it's no big thing.  Thank heavens.  I wasn't about to miss Taylor Swift in August!

One of Clark's new favorite discoveries lately has been his pointer finger.  He doesn't know how to point to things yet, but if he sees something interesting - say the eye on his stuffed animal - out comes his little pointer finger and a cocked head as he inspects this new important thing.  It's seriously adorable.  

We've also started to babble in earnest and it kills me.  He figured out how to say "dada" a few weeks ago and it hasn't let up.  He doesn't know what it means yet, but hearing him whisper, "dadadada" under his breath might be one of the cutest things he's ever done.  Now if he could only master "mama"...

We've really started to get going with solids now, eating three square meals a day that are at least 1/4th of a cup or more.  Kids got an appetite!  He used to open his mouth up wide for his first bite, but he's just started to wise up that not all purees are created equal.  He's started to take a quick tester bite before he's ready to commit to the rest of meal.  He's no dummy.  Green beans and avocados?  Um, no thanks.  Pears and nectarines?  Oh yeah, I'll have some of that.

It's so amazing to see his little personality come out more and more every day.  Being this kid's momma sure is a party.

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Annastasia Richardson said...

there is hope! the rest of the teeth come quicker (usually) and with less discomfort, or at least it seems less, maybe just because it lasts for a shorter amount of time.
you can see his personality in these photos. so different from his 1, 2, 3 month old shots where he is sitting back calmly. they really do change too quickly!