7 months

Somehow, in my mind, I never really thought much past my baby being 6 months old.  And now, here we are, at 7 months.  Time.  She is a fickle and fast mistress.  But seriously, wasn't he just a week old??

Clark is sitting up like he's been doing it all his life and his giggles are infectious and right from his chunky belly.  My mother-in-law says he laughs just like David did when he was a baby.  So stink'in cute.

Things of note: we're gaining steam with solids!  We're up to eating three "meals" a day and so far his favorite is, wait for it...prunes!  Of all the things a kid could eat, huh?  Bananas and applesauce are next in line and butternut squash and cauliflower are the bane of his existence. He's still not super into this whole eating thing yet, but it's so fun to expose him to new tastes and textures.  In addition to purees, I'm also trying a bit of a baby led weaning approach and trying to let him hold and chew on things, but he gets so confused.  He gives me these looks like, "This apple slice goes in my mouth?  Are you sure...?"  It's a work in progress.

Clark and I took our first solo plane ride together up to Provo and, while we did just fine, flying sans David is definitely not my traveling method of choice.  Thank goodness for kind seatmates (why would you ever book someone with a lap child in the middle seat??) and a helpful flight crew.  Also, note to self, never wear white pants when traveling with a baby.  Duh.

Clark is rolling all around these days.  Back to tummy.  Tummy to back.  This way.  That way.  I'll put him down and turn around for a minute and he's on the other side of the room.  He hasn't quite figured out how to use his rolling antics as a mode of getting to where he wants to be yet, but I'm sure that light bulb will go off any day now...

It's definitely not all fun and games though.  Baby boy was doing a great job of sleeping 7PM to 7AM and then all of a sudden...not so much.  He likes to wake up in the 4:00 to 5:30 range these days and doesn't much like to go back to bed after those early wake up calls, but we're working on it.  Really, really hard. 

For the most part, though, this is such a fun age.  We adore this little guy and he most definitely has Dave and I wrapped around his tiny little finger.  We love you baby boy!

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