baby boy

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat now that baby boy is front and center.  Ok, a lot of a back seat, but I don't want to loose these memories!  So here's what's been going on around here, tidbit style:

Clark hung out with his "cousin" Bella.  While I love that dog, she did have the unfortunate habit of barking at my baby when he was asleep.  Not ok dog...not ok.

Clark also had some male pattern baldness going on there for a bit.  Curse you cradle cap and taking all his hair with you!  Seriously, that kid was bald as a cue ball on top with a nice cul-de-sac of hair around the sides.  Good thing he's stinkin' adorable no matter what.

This little dude has now officially been to the happiest place on Earth!  As you can see from that face, he was very excited about it.  This was one of our first big outings and maybe the first time I wore real pants since baby was born...?  We basically walking down Main Street and back - baby steps.

I love this picture on the left.  Dave was out of town and Clark decided 4AM was a good time to wake up...and stay awake.  But gosh darn it all if he isn't the cutest thing.  Even at 4AM...

We've also been working on our tummy time these days.  Obviously it's very hard work (Zzzzz).

Clark normally wakes up from his nap with a nice healthy cry because, gosh darn it, he's hungry, please!  But this time I found him just sitting content as can be talking to himself with his little feet free and squirming about.  Seriously, the cutest thing I ever did see.

Aunt Brooke is also pulling some serious moves to get to the top of Clark's favorite aunt list ;)

Baby boy got to make eyes at his future bride again when the Case's passed through Orange County on their way to Arizona for the holidays (and before they headed off to Singapore for 3 months!)  This picture was taken right after Eleanor made a grab for Clark's head, and more specifically his binky that must obviously be for her.  She's a girl who knows what she wants!

We got to show baby boy around one of my favorite places all decked out for Christmas: Balboa Island in Newport Beach.  Darn it all if that place isn't the most magical and charming spot around.

When your baby wakes up on lovely white sheets with buttery morning light spilling through the windows, pictures must be taken.  Lots of pictures.  I love these two.  They capture our little Clark to the T: his sweet expressions and happy eyes.  He's studying Dave's face in the picture on the left - I just love those two boys of mine.

And lastly, this might be my favorite picture of baby boy to date.  Dave was a peach and watched Clark for me so I could go to church for the first time since baby boy was born.  It was such a treat to get to sing the Christmas hymns (my favorite!) that I've been missing all month and take the Sacrament.  I came back after the first hour of church to switch shifts with Dave and this is how I found this sweet boy, bundled up and looking crazy adorable.  He slept like that on the bed for another hour so, naturally, I just curled up next to him and basically stared at him for those full 60 minutes.  Whipped.  Absolutely whipped I tell ya.


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