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One of the perks and perils of having a C-section is being kept in the hospital for four days versus two.  Four days gave me more time to heal up, get extra help with figuring out nursing (invaluable), order almost everything they had to offer from the hospital cafeteria, and - most importantly - take a million pictures of this babe. 

Dave went home in the mornings to wash up in a more familiar shower, since we live a whole 5 minutes from Huntington Hospital, and instead of napping (like I probably should have) I used that time to take mini photo shoots.  I mean, can you blame me?

Tiny yawns are my undoing.

This is definitely one of my favorites - seeing that little profile on the ultrasound screen and then seeing it in real life?  Kind of amazing.

Can't resist that little wink.  I loved when Dave would swaddle him with his little legs pulled up so he just looks like this tiny little thing.

 This dad & son picture needs to be framed asap.  Hormones or not, it gets me every time.

And, yes, you can now safely assume that my blog will be flooded with pictures of this babe from now on. 
I offer my Instagram as proof. 

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Brenna said...

Just so I don't seem like some weird, random stalker, I was one of Christy's roommates in college and lived in the Nemrow's house for a bit while they were in Korea. I saw her blog post about your recent addition and popped over here to see the pictures. Anyway, congratulations! He's a cute little peanut:)