baby journal: week 33

Well, it was kind of ridiculously crazy when the cutest dapper, bow tie clad, black gentleman at the market this week asked me when I was due and I said, oh you know, next month!  And then he proceeded to give me parenting advice, which was kind of equally as fantastic, but holy cow.  This little dude is making his debut in a month and a half (ish)!  Where does the time go?  Also I should probably get a move on de-storage-rooming that nursery of his...

Weekly highlights: we've hit the point where I can stub my pinky toe, but I have absolutely no capacity for bending down to inspect the damage.  Also this is seriously how I feel trying to roll off the mattress every morning.

Baby is about the size of a durian fruit, which, I have to say, is the most random fruit comparison thus far.  Also durian fruits are supposed to reek to high heavens, so thanks for telling me my baby is as big as a stinky tropical fruit bump.com.  Anywho, baby boy is probably closing in on the 5 lb range which my back is starting to tell me is a rather substantial amount of weight.  Hello pillows, heat pads, and back supports.

On the plus side, having an ample bump can make for meeting some seriously sweet people.  Like the darling lady who bagged my groceries this week and, upon noticing baby boy, grabbed me 5 extra bags so that none of them would be too heavy for me to carry.  This is LA people, we have to pay for paper bags, and she didn't charge me a thing.  What a doll. 

PS - my wedding ring is starting to get a little snug...darn.

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