labor day weekend

This was a Labor Day sans any signs of labor around these parts, and we were pretty to keep it that way.  Stay in there cookin' baby boy!  However, on some pretty short notice, we did decide to join my folks and little sis on the trek up to Utah to take her back to school.  Why not??  Dave and I are trying to squeeze out as much fun and spontaneity as possible before baby comes (and our world gets turned upside down), so we made some last minute arrangements, finagled Dave to get off work early on Thursday, and said adios to Pasadena...again.  Pretty sure our neighbors might think we've permanently skipped town...

Once we got Brookie Sue all settled in her dorm and had my favorite combo at Zupas for lunch (hellooo tomato basil soup and nuts about berries salad), we headed back to the Nemrows to get ready for game time.  There is really nothing more nostalgic for me than watching BYU football with the Nemrow family - feels just like old times.

And that view from David's brother's place?  I'll never get over it...

Did I mention we stopped off to get my favorite shaved ice in the US of A?  I will never get enough.

Our Saturday started the best way a Saturday could possibly start: with brunch at Communal.  It was a treat beyond treats with chocolate, coconut banana bread, the most delicious pancetta hash, and topped off with butterscotch custard - which no one had room in their bellies for, but somehow we managed to demolish it.  It was divine.

In the afternoon we headed out to Seven Peaks water park to meet up with a few of our favorite people.  The boys hit the slides hard - seriously, you should see the red marks on their backs - and we ladies chatted, played with baby E, and enjoyed the wave pool.  Pregnant ladies and water parks don't really go together, but I'm pretty sure they put in that lazy river just for me.  I could have floated in that thing all day long.

David also got to meet baby Evelyn for the first time, and I'm pretty sure they were a match made in heaven.  He had her laughing and smiling all afternoon.

We topped off one last summery Saturday with some Mario Cart, a delicious tri tip salad, and a pizookie to share at The Chocolate in Orem, aka: one of the main reasons I miss Utah.  That cookie?  Melt in your mouth deliciousness.

But, of course, Sunday came much too soon, and it was time to pack it up and call it a trip before Labor Day traffic made the 15 a living nightmare.  We hugged our favorite people, kissed a few baby cheeks, and said goodbye to this full-fledged college student one more time before heading southward again.

Ah Utah, it was a crazy idea to jump in the car and come see you again, but we don't regret it one bit.  Thanks for topping off summertime for us.

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