baby journal: week 28

David and I have been having a little debate about how far along I am.  By all accounts, I am 7 months pregnant (which sounds sooo much better than 28 weeks btw).  BUT, according to everything I've ever been told, pregnancy is only supposed to last 9 months.  But my doctor says pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.  But one month = 4 weeks and thus 40 weeks = 10 months (??) And since my due date is November 14th that means I'll be pregnant for three more months, right??  I'm confused.

After a tough induction into the third trimester (cankles//traveling//sunburns), things have started to settle down and my most prevalent complaint now days is sleep.  Why oh why are you so illusive?  There were two sweet, sweet nights in a big queen-sized bed in Michigan where I slept blissfully through the night.  I have yet to recreate said miracle, but it was amazing.  Most nights my body pillow and I do the tango while I debate about if I'm hot enough to actually have to get out of bed to turn the A/C up or not.  I wouldn't call it restful, and it makes an afternoon nap unavoidable, but such is life.

Baby boy has also decided to start crowding my abdomen, making for weird feelings at the top of my ribcage and shortness of breath an ever present reality.  It's kind of hilarious sometimes when I lie down to "go to bed" (ha! see above) and I'm more or less panting like a dog.  We get a good laugh out of that.

Dave and I also decided that the best idea for a 28-week pregnant lady is to hop in a Suburban full of my sister's college necessities and drive 10 hours up to Utah for Labor Day weekend.  I'm not saying I regret it (they had me sittin' pretty in the backseat with a million pillows and a footrest), but after 9 hours of bumpy roads, my bump was beginning to get a bit sore...hopefully baby boy is a fan of roller coasters.

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