baby journal: week 11

  Journal from Saturday, May 3rd ● Posted 5.27.14

Alright, call me a silly overly prepared pregnant lady, but since finding out that we're expecting, one of the first things I thought of was: Oh no!  I'm going to be pregnant over the summer!  Not a crazy big deal until I added up all the beach time we're going to be doing between both of our family's summer vacations - over two weeks worth!  I'm definitely going to need a few somethings I feel cute in.  Cue the mad rush maternity swimsuit shopping spree.  And now, a few weeks later, I'm pretty happy with my thrifty finds: 1 // 2 // 3.  That last one was a very thoughtful (and brave!) birthday gift from my mother-in-law.  She knows me too well - black & white?  Polka dots?  Sold.

Little babe is about the size of a lime right about now and for some reason that makes me feel like we're finally gaining steam - it's a little harder to get excited when my app tells me my little house guest is the size of an olive...or worse yet, an apple seed.  Just dying for this baby to get growing!!

We've also started to eek out our news slowly to close friends, mostly those who live further away, but this weekend we announced our baby news to some friends here in the valley.  It was so fun to share our excitement, to which they congratulated us, laughed, and then exclaimed: us too!  The wife was too cute and was all like, "I'm not very far along, just 16 weeks so..."  We had a good laugh after I told her I'm only 11 weeks and I'd be soooo happy to bump myself up to her 16-week mark.

We're also in the midst of trying to find a suitable place to live for the next couple of years and holy moly, I'm already sick of the whole process.  All I want is a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath for a reasonable-ish price, in a decent neighborhood, with a regular-sized oven, oh and a fridge, some closet space to speak of, a washer/dryer in unit, and a tub.  You know, the little things, but I digress.  It's actually been pretty fun to start looking at places and imagining what it will be like to bring baby home to this or that apartment.  Will this work for the nursery?  Can I childproof this kitchen?  Etc, etc.

As of 11 weeks, our little lime has been:
  • Getting his mama up nightly to use the bathroom. Guess I better get used to this disjointed sleep schedule now, right?
  • Making me never want to wear pants again.  Waistbands?  No way.  
  • Weirdly enough, looking at pictures make me feel more nauseous than a lot of things.  And not just pictures of food (no pictures of In-n-out burgers please), but also pictures I took when I didn't feel good - I remember and then don't feel well all over again...ok, that's just odd, right??
  • And making me count down the days till 2nd trimester - just two more weeks!  Soooo close!

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