Yesterday I started in on transcribing my Nana's journals.  These little treasures have been sitting in a bag in my parent's garage for a good long time now and are just starting to see the light of day again.

I've started off with her first one written in 1947 by her 16-year-old self, with a sweet little note in the front that say's: hands off see!  Among other things I've learned that she seems to have a beau named Don and wearing his sweater is just the best thing is the world, she has a test in Spanish on verbs and they took a Sunday drive through Pasadena.  The cutest.  I'm really getting excited to read more and to learn more about her.  And with 15 (almost) full journals, I've got a lot of reading and learning to do.

Wish me luck!

P.S. We also RedBoxed this movie last night and laughed hysterically.  Brett McKenzie?  Holy smokes, my sides still ache.

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Bekah said...

Ok this is seriously the sweetest thing!!!! Good luck on the transcribing! :)