This weekend was all sorts of chill/ getting things done/ hanging with family.  My kind of weekend.  Even my lesson on Sunday went (mostly) according to plan.  I'm calling that a win.

We had my dad and little sister over on Sunday for dinner (since my mom was off having fun in the Midwest) and we tried out a few new things on them, including this, this, and making our own homemade mozzarella!  That was an adventure all its own.  It took longer than we expected and with some help from my dad (who lived in Italy for two years once upon a time - maybe that helped??), we got it to stick together in a little ball.  Its was tad salty, but still pretty delicious.  I think we'll have to try our hand at it again another time.

Speaking of adventures, one of my girl friends and her husband are down for the count with a stomach bug so I took their little 1-year-old for the day.  We watched a whole lot of Thomas the Tank Engine, I found out my apartment is nowhere near baby proof, and I had my first experience of trying to buy a quick something at Walmart with a sleeping babe in one arm.

Oh, and speaking of arms, mine are practically numb.  I'm going to have to bulk up before we have little munchkins of our own running around...

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