triple lutz

Last night for our Young Women's activity we combined up with the Young Men and took everybody ice skating.  Now, you've gotta understand.  Ice skating and me?  We're often at odds.  On my 15th birthday I, well...got a concussion out on the ice.   At a youth activity.  Youth Conference to be exact. 

Oh baby, that was a fun day.  Waking up laying on the ice with half the stake's youth looking down at me?  Classy stuff.

So those ice skates and I, we have a bit of a tiff, but I promised my laurels I'd get out with them!  (I did that - why did I do that??)  So I show up thinking most of the other leaders will get out there and embarrass themselves with me.  Nope, just two of us.  And the other leader?  She has her own skates.  Legit.  Looks like I'm going to embarrass myself, all by myself. 

After watching ice skating, and dancing, and twizzling, and triple combinations for the past week plus, I somehow got a little overconfident - they make it look so easy!!  We'll I'm here to tell you, watching the Olympics does not, in any way, make you a better ice skater.  Shocker.  But I'm a pretty big fan of the little aluminum walkers they had to train the little kids with.  I'd be happy to have one of those in my size please.

Oh, and no concussion, so, you know, that's a win :)

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