an october weekend

This past Saturday it felt so good to have nothing set to do and no scheduled engagements till the sun went down.  Thus leaving us to meander, run errands, eat out, and generally do our own thing all. day. long.  That's my kind of Saturday. 

In the spirit of the leaves changing colors (elsewhere, not really here), I hooked my man into coming with me to this cute ranch on the other side of our little valley.  Despite the fact that is was in the 70's I still tried to wear a sweater.  Not the best of ideas, but my warm cuddly clothes have been calling my name since September 1.  I'll take any excuse to pull them out.  Anywho, It felt good to see so many pumpkins, and if the quarter mile long line (literally) didn't bring us back to our senses (A. we don't have a porch, and B. I don't much care for pumpkin carving), we might have walked out with a few.

Ah, October, you are great.

And obviously I get a little shutter happy around gourds.  The truth comes out.

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