the Scottish play

So...it's been a while since I've seen Macbeth.  I told some of my girls at church that I was seeing it this Thursday night and that they should come too!  And they just looked at me like...Macbeth?  That's a creepy one...thanks, but no thanks.

Ok, yeah, it's a sad, sad play of awful, evil men that get twisted and polluted by pride and promise of fortune  - but we still enjoyed it!  Mom and Brooke came up and joined Dave and I at Griffith Park for us to introduced them to our little beloved Shakespeare Festival, who, even through the blood and gore, didn't disappoint (can you see Macbeth's head in the picture above?  Bright.  Bloody.  Red.  He's available for children's parties in case you're interested)  I'm still so impressed with the caliber of actors they have in this troupe that puts on this festival to the public all for free!  Of course, donations are welcome and wanted after the show, but it's such a fun community program that I'm so glad we stumbled upon.

Next up: As You Like It (which Brooke kindly reminded me is the plot line of She's The Man - now I remember).  Hopefully we'll laugh a little more during that one..

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