Well, it's officially official and we can finally start spreading the news - nope we're not pregnant - Dave got a new job!  He'll be starting work with Ernst & Young in their LA office this September and he's pretty excited about it.  We definitely did our fair share of happy dances this weekend and ate some mighty good grub to celebrate.  Dave has been working this past year for a wonderful local firm in the Santa Clarita area, but he can't wait to drive down to LA and be a part of a new team (not so excited about the commute, but you win some you loose some).

Bricks on Lyons did not disappoint us with some great burgers and tots to aid in our celebrations: we were happy people.  Plus we RedBoxed the Hobbit and saw it for the first time that night, which, you know, was pretty awesome.  When we got to the end of the movie I totally forgot it was a trilogy and I was so confused when it stopped before they got to the mountain.  That was a little anticlimactic.

We're also in the market to get Dave a new car - bleh - and on Saturday we did a few test drives at dealerships down in Orange County.  So of course we called my parents to see if they wanted to meet up for dinner.  We ended up at Downtown Disney for some sandwiches, gelato, and the best company.

 And that was our weekend!  It was over much too soon, but...Dave's last day at his old firm was actually yesterday!  So it's going to be perpetual weekends for us from now til September 4th.  We're planning to live it up before I send Dave off again and become an E&Y widow.  San Fran and Utah trips here we come!

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Caroline McKell said...

Congrats on the job! And that gelato looks delicious!