After spending Memorial Day weekend with my family, we rolled into our garage Monday night and David realized he had left his suit at my parent's house.  Oops.  I told my mom to which she replied, "Wonderful!  We'll bring it up to you on Saturday!"  Any excuse to get together right?

We took them out for burgers and all sorts of friend vegetables at Bricks for lunch and headed to our favorite shaved ice joint for dessert.  It was a scorcher in the 100's, but we made do.

 Turning 24 and 18...or 42 and 81...?

It's always a treat to hang with the fam.  Never complaining about that.

Later that afternoon Dave and I decided to head down to the LA temple.  We were very happily surprised by the coastal Santa Monica breeze that was MUCH cooler than up by our home.

We were finally able to finish up some family names we've been helping my cousin to complete (after like 10 months  - sorry Christa!), and spent a good three hours in the temple just enjoying.  We were in no hurry and that was nice for a change.

We topped off the night with chocolate chip cookies (ohmygosh this was a really good batch, ask Dave) and Inception...during which we fell asleep.  Which feels appropriate somehow...and a good excuse to watch it again.

Now that it's officially June I've gotten the summer bug and can't wait to get out and about doing all the summery things southern California has to offer...let the fun begin!

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Christa Jeanne said...

Hey, no worries - I just appreciate your help in getting those done!!! Thanks so much!