highlights #61

This week has been lots of cars, cars, and more cars.  Oil change, new tires, new brake pads, smog test...you get the gist. It's never ending!  Ok, it is.  After the smog test I should be good to go (assuming I pass...).  To be honest, they stand there and tell me things about my tire's alignment and I must look like a deer in headlights, so I just nod and smile.  Oh yeah, that part, ok, let's, um, fix it? Let me call me husband, um, again...I'm sure it's all been very entertaining to the men at Big O Tires.  You're welcome for the laughs gentlemen.

And now some posts:

Dave and I love this game (this was my high score today)

big prints for little $$

cutting in style (I want one of these please...)

photographer is led around the world

a few people who are nailing this parenting thing

fun custom portraits

world's best wedding photo

the quietest room

different terms of endearment from around the world

smeared skies (I'd love a print of that second one)

it's not about the nail - made us laugh

and this is my new favorite cooking blog

P.S. This awesome Shakespeare company is coming to Griffith Park again soon - if you're in LA come with us!  Dave and I are getting excited to go again, and it's free!


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Christa Jeanne said...

GeoGuessr is so addictive!!! Here's my high score so far: http://www.geoguessr.com/#.Ua-NMtUTD6g.facebook