up to the mountains

On Thursday I got out the door before David to fill the car with gas, swing by the church, grab 4 teenagers, and start out on a 2 1/2 hour drive to drop them off at Big Bear.  Truth be told, we had a lot of fun rockin' out to their iPods and talking about summer plans (and trying really hard not to get queasy on those windy mountain roads!). 

Our stake is having our Youth Conference this year up in the thin aired mountains by Big Bear Lake, and I forgot how lovely it is up there.  The last time I went to Big Bear was my senior year of high school, so it's been, you know, a while.  I was only on the drop-off crew, so, sadly, I didn't get to stay for the Youth Conference festivities (and become a sleep deprived monster Laurel leader).

After getting the girls settled in and grabbing a quick lunch with them, I started back down the mountain...after I did a little exploring:

I wish I had thought bring my big camera with me so I could have taken some better pictures, but alas, it was just the little iPhone and me trying oh so hard to capture how pretty it was up there.  Thank goodness for panorama pictures!

I'm not a big camper, but I'm thinking Dave and I should try to take a weekend trip up here sometime this summer and enjoy the scenery. 

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