date night

Friday night was a simple night.

And it was the best.  

It started out with a happy discovery in the kitchen.  I found this new food blog the other day.  Her recipes were well reviewed, pretty simple, and looked delicious - a triple threat.  For dinner I decided to go out on a limb and try her grilled veggie and humus pizza...


It was SO good!!!

Honestly I had to stop us from eating the whole thing so I could take a few pictures.  It was that delicious.  I made homemade humus for the first time for this recipe and have already made it twice again over the weekend.  It's a new favorite around here (and so stinkin' easy).  Chickpeas have now become an overnight pantry staple.

After gorging ourselves it was 7:20ish and I had a hankering for a walk (and to burn a few pizza calories...).  Dave was sceptical because it was a little late, but I've been watching the sun lately and it definitely doesn't get full dark til 8:30 or so around here.
I won.  We walked :)

There is a darling little community sort of close to us that has a man-made lake in the middle of it and just a bunch of charming homes to wonder around that back up right next to the water.  We chose to meander around there with the rest of Valencia and all their dogs.  It was so fun to see everyone out  walking and enjoying the summer night.  

It was refreshing to get out of the house and take an evening stroll.  And on our way home we stopped by RedBox and picked up Hitchcock (which I've been wanting to see since it came out) and ate fresh strawberries for dessert.  

It was the loveliest, simplest night.  I'm down for spending an evening like this anytime.

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