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 Cruisin' in Amsterdam

A few days ago I was rummaging through old pictures taken while I was traveling through Europe in 2010.  This was a time pre-David, pre-declaring my major, pre-responsibilities, and pre-real life.  Which basically means it was (besides no David) a wonderful time of my life and a perfect time to gallivant through England, France, and Italy.   I was trying to remember the things we did and places we went to make a few recommendations...

Yesterday I somehow stumbled upon friend's blog from college who now lives in Manhattan with her husband that is chronicling their time spent eastward.  She reminded me how fun New York is.  I also found myself spending a fair bit of time wondering through this pretty London vs. Paris blog...

These few things started me thinking about what it would be like to really live somewhere so metropolitan and different from my suburban ways.

 Let it officially be known that I have a soft spot for my Californian suburban homes.  They are familiar, and wonderful, and will always be home.  And I love being able to always find a parking spot.

But...sometimes I'm up of a challenge.

Like how would grocery shopping in NYC be different without my car?  No more buying in bulk.  And walking most places/ using public transit on a daily basis?  I lived in London for a few months and rode the Tube all over, but it surely wasn't really living in London and using the Tube to get to doctor's appointments, school, and work.

What would be different?
What would be the same?
What would I miss?
What would I love?

Today, these are my wonderlusting thoughts...

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