sweet teeth

Last night Dave and I ate dinner (which was really pretty good...), and then, at 7:30PM, we wanted dessert.  And we wanted cake.  So we grabbed a bundt pan and a box of cake mix (we're not quite make it from scratch cool yet) and we stayed up intentionally late just to let it cool, frost it, and eat it.

Worth it?

Why, yes.  Yes it was.

Now we just need a few more friends because we've got a big cake...and just 2 of us.
It's already started to be a problem. 
Cake for breakfast?  Why not!  We just need to get rid of this thing!

P.S. I'm pretty sure I've never really baked a cake before...too bad this one was so delicious.  Now I'm going to have to make more.

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Jarelle Case said...

Looks like someone is a stay-at-home wife again!