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While the rest of the Tobler clan was off in the Midwest celebrating a certain brother's graduation from dental school (Woohoo Dr. Tobler!), Dave and I were determined to have a fun Saturday of our own.  We packed up a couple PB&H's, filled the car with gas, and headed out on the 126 West toward Ventura to go exploring.

On the way we stopped at a little honey farm just off the side of the highway that I'd heard about. 

Let it be known that I really hate bees, but I'm a sucker for honey.  We go through way too many of bottle a month (ok maybe like two), and Dave has just started to come round too.  We're honey lovers, and this was just the place for us.

They had a little tasting station where you could try all different kinds of honey collected from different plants like eucalyptus, sage, orange, cactus, avocado, wildflowers, buckwheat, and, of course, the classic clover.  Dave's favorite was sage, and I was a tie between wildflower and clover.  Who knew honeys could taste so different?  Both of us agreed, surprisingly, that orange was the loser - it was too bitter/herby for our sweet loving tongues.

After that we hopped back on the freeway highway towards the coast. Oddly, it was a beautiful sunny and warm day until we were about 3 miles away from the beach and then we hit a foggy cloud that didn't lift up the whole time we were there.  Weird, right?  Good thing we didn't come to get in the water.

We drove around the quaint little beach houses, and found a little park on the sand to eat lunch and roam around.
When the ocean air completely and thoroughly tousled my hair beyond help, we headed for Ventura's little downtown.  There were lots of fun looking eateries, boutiques, and more than a one street's fair share of thrift shops.  We strolled around and peeked in here and there.  Oh, and of course stopped for a little gelato.  What's a day trip without a little gelato?  And hazelnut and chocolate gelato at that.  My favorite combo.

On the way home we found the sun again (a few miles from the coast, so weird) and stopped at a little fruit stand in the canyon with the intention of picking up strawberries to make jam, but at $10 for half of a small flat, I wasn't impressed.  Don't worry, we still got a few macaroons as compensation.

And we called it a day when we rolled back in to our 80+ degree Santa Clarita.  Well deserved naps were taken (we're such party people) and a nice evening was spent together. 

Sometimes, these are my favorite kids of days.


Christa Jeanne said...

What a lovely Saturday! Fun fact about honey: different kinds have different nutritional strengths, too. I have a bottle of raw buckwheat honey that I ordered online and take shots of it straight from the bottle, odd as that sounds. The flavor's not my fave, but it's really good for respiratory issues, as I learned while battling bronchitis for two months. A blessing I got told me specifically to drink lots of hot water with honey, so I was curious and studied up on it - that stuff is amazing for you!!! So many health benefits. Of course, the more raw and natural it is, the better. But... should you ever need to justify your honey habit... there you go. :)

Kathleen said...

What a lovely day! Here is the link to Dennis Prager's producer, Alan, honey blog. You may enjoy it.