I have a problem.

I admit it.

I completely and seriously will not buy something that is needed until I find something I like.
My motto: If you don't love it, don't buy it.

I'd pretty much rather live without than live more conveniently with something I dislike.

However this can cause a bit of a problem, forcing us to live sans pillows on the couch, sans kitchen table, sans bedside tables, sans iPhone case, and sans calendar for a period between one to eight months respectively.  Currently we are sans iPad case.  I admit it.  I'm being incredibly picky.  I want a case, not a cute sleeve (like pictured above), something that covers both sides, is not a slip-in fit, and has a hard front (not one of the foldable one like Apple makes), and there are a few more specifications...

I actually was very proud of myself.  We DID buy a case about a week after we got our tablet (ahem back in December).  It was cute, affordable, and I was pretty sure it would do everything we wanted it to.  Unfortunately David uses our iPad almost more than I do and well...when it was delivered it was a little bit too pink for him to carry around and feel good about himself.  Darn.  So that got returned.

We are now again on the hunt.  Feel free to throw out suggestions.  I'm all ears.

Also we could use a few bedside lamps for the bedside tables it took us three months to acquire.  It's getting old to have to get out of bed to turn off the light.  This is my next project...


Brooke said...

"If you don't absolutely love it in the store you won't wear it." -Blind Side ;)

Katrina P. said...

That is why I just barely got my diaper bag. I like it more than the other diaper bags under 100. But next time we have a baby I may splurge for my favorite. Too bad I have such killer taste. Ha!

Christa Jeanne said...

Carly, I back up your philosophy 110%!!! I'm the same way, though. Agreed that it's a pain to go without stuff at first, but in the long run, it's worth it. I've been searching for just the right throw pillow to round out my set for a while now, but I'd rather do that than settle for good enough. And, in hindsight, I regret my sofa. Yes, it's stylish, but it's NOT the most comfortable - and had I not rushed that purchase, I could've done better. Lesson learned. (And at least it was cheap!)

And the reverse is true - if you find something you LOVE, it's worth buying it then and there, or else it'll haunt you. Betsy taught me that one, and every time I've gone against that advice, I've regretted it.

Not that any of this helps in your search, though. Good luck!!! Perhaps the brand that did work has a different pattern that's more gender-neutral? I loved my iPhone 4 case so dearly that I sleuthed out the brand online and hunted until I could find their cases for the 5 instead of settling for something else, and I've been so glad I did!

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh, PS: on the kitchen table thing, I ended up getting a card table with four chairs from Walmart for $50 as a temporary fix. It's something that will ALWAYS come in handy, and it's worked well to provide extra surface space when I want it but can be put away easily when I don't. And it's bought me time from committing to a table. Just a thought!