2nd Christmas

Most people celebrated New Years on January 1st.  Our family?  We had 2nd Christmas.  We stayed in our PJ's all day, opened presents, played with toys, and watched movies.  It was fabulous.

It was lovely to spend Christmas with the Nemrows this year, but I'm pretty sure I got the best of both world this year.  Holidays with both families?  Awesome.

Dave finally got to open my Christmas present for him (because it didn't come on time for Christmas #1) - a wok!  Bring on the Asian cuisine!  He also opened my parent's present (which he might be secretly more excited about) - all the James Bond movies.  That is one happy boy right there.  We're now making our way through them.  You Only Live Twice is next on the list.

This was my favorite part of the day - the kid's present for mom and dad.  I've got one thoughtful sister-in-law who came up with the idea for us to put together a book of letters from each of us and I got to be the one to put the collaboration together.  It sat wrapped in our apartment for the whole month of December burning a hole in our carpet and we finally got to give it to them. 

And the big gift of the day - ipads!  We're pretty excited about them to say the least.  Thanks mom and dad!

Woohoo for Second Christmas!  I'm up for this becoming a yearly tradition, who's with me?

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