I gotta tell ya, Dave and I are coming to realize how awesome it was to be in school - - - mostly because the holiday breaks are far more substantial.  I mean, BYU is getting a whole darn THREE weeks this year for Christmas break!  Three weeks!  That's pretty awesome - those cougs are some lucky suckers if you ask me.  Luckily we saved up some of Dave's PTO and were able to steal away a few days up in Provo with the Nemrows for Christmas.  It was SO fun to be back in Utah for the first time since last spring and, in case you don't already know, I just gotta tell you:
I love Utah.

I know it's funny, but those mountains are just so lovely and picturesque.  I forgot how much I love them.  And on top of the lovely scenery we got to spend time with (almost) all the Nemrows!  It was such a treat to be a part of Sunday dinner again, if only for one week.  I've practically been craving Cindy's jello (and most of the rest of her cooking) since we left.

Speaking of food, we honestly ate non-stop from the time we rolled in to Provo to the time we rolled out.  We have so many favorite spots in that town we actually didn't have time to get to all of them, but don't worry, we hit the most important ones.

Lastly, this trip is going down in the history books for me because . . . I had my FIRST white Christmas!  And boy was it white!  It snowed lightly Christmas Eve and a little Christmas day, but we got the biggest DUMP on the 26th and I'm so glad we were there to enjoy it.  It was the best kind of snowfall - light and consistent, without any wind.  Perfect for strolling around in, without needing an umbrella.  I could have stayed outside all night enjoying how beautiful it was.  

And last, but certainly not least, we had the best time playing around with the cutest little youngsters Utah County has to offer.  Dave's sister and brother-in-law just adopted the most darling little boy and we were so glad we were there to meet him for the first time.  

All in all, it was a very successful trip, and both Dave and I were very reluctant to leave.  It does help, however, that we have New Years to look forward to with (almost) all the Toblers coming up.  We're starting to refer to it as Second Christmas around here and I'm really excited to be together, even if it's only going to be for a little more than a day.

Gosh I love the holidays - too bad they only come once a year...

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Jarelle Fuller said...

SO sad we missed you, just barely too! Thanks for the sign at our door, it made me smile:) I hope Provo treated you well, I do love it here! We'll see you in 6 weeks, crazy hu?!