sewing 101

Sometimes YouTube videos give me an unrealistic self confidence is my sewing ability. . .

Actually, today was the first time I've ever watched a YouTube video about sewing something, and the whole time she was explaining the ins and outs of making a pillowcase with French seams I was like, "Yeah, that looks easy.  Totally makes sense.  I can do that . . ."

Reality check:  The sewing machine and I haven't spent any quality time together since I took that quilting class in junior high, I hate measuring fabric/ always freak out about not getting the sizes right, and I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time.

But hey!  The girl on YouTube can do it!  Why can't I?

So, 10 minutes of looking for my thread & bobbin, 25 minutes of figuring out how to thread the machine, 1 episode of Chuck (paused many times), and 2ish hours of sewing later, here we are . . . with a perfectly finished pillowcase!  I know, that took a while, but it's done!  And I didn't have to rip out a single seam (mostly because I don't own a seam ripper so I made extra careful to do things right the first time).

 See those polka dots??  I MADE that without help (that is if a few google searches and calls to mom don't count)

Maybe I should try this sewing thing more often . . .

P.S. It kind of looks like a throw pillow in that picture, but it's a pillowcase for our bed, just in case you were wondering.

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Annie said...

way to go! My mother is an incredible seamstress. I bought a strapless wedding dress and she cut off my train and built up the top into a top and sleeves as all one piece, and no one knew/noticed until I told them. I unfortunately did not get that gene. I do not have the patience for sewing much less the skill, but I've been contemplating getting a simple machine for small projects. I'm just afraid I will spend the money and not use it! Maybe later... :)