my girls

Tonight I got to chat with BOTH of my favorite girls - a rare event indeed.  None of us are all that good at keeping up via phone calls, so this was a treat.  They are my college roommates and, honestly, every memory I have of my time at BYU involves one of them.

Talking to them tonight made me think about how much I miss Utah now days.  I can't decide if I just miss my girls, or David's family, or living practically next door to my brother & sister-in-law, or being a student, or the mountains, or going to football games, or watching the seasons change.  I miss each of those things separately and rolled together into one big ball.  Everything about Provo tugs a little at my heartstrings - I have memories planted all over that town from the Tanner building, to Smith's grocery store, to Rock Canyon Park, to the football field, to south campus housing, to Zupas, to Center Street, and on, and on, and on . . . I feel like every part of Provo holds some sort of significance to me even if it was just a building I drove by on the way to the market. 

Mostly I think what I miss is that time of my life.  Provo was the best time.  The most carefree and confident and exciting time.  Provo was a place for finding myself, and my best friends, and my husband.  Provo was a place I came to young, and impressionable, and timid, right out of high school, and I left a little older, a bit more experienced, holding a few more opinions, and with a college diploma. 

Sometimes I think about how great it would be to move back to Utah, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fix my problems.  I can't really go back all the way.  Sure I can go to the same places and visit some of my favorite people, but life has moved on.  We have new jobs, new friends, and new places to explore that I really am excited for - I'm just feeling a bit sentimental tonight.

Tonight I miss you, Provo, and your snow-capped mountains.  We can't wait to come and visit you come Christmastime!

love, Carly 


Christine said...

Sweet and beautiful picture! Carly, you have been one of the answers to this mother's prayers that her daughter would have wonderful friends and experiences at college. I think all of you blessed and enriched each other's lives. Thank you! And Provo is a lovely and loving place to do it in!

Jarelle Fuller said...

Oh, my sweet mom!
We miss you dearly. We'll have to do our future "family" reunions in provo at zupas...one of the best places on earth.

Love you!