playin' with the big kids

Today I had a job interview and I picked up David during his lunch hour to drop off my dad's car at the shop.
Also David will most likely be coming home late from the office tonight.

Today I feel like a grown up.
And I'll feel even more like I grown up if I get that 8-5 job...

And today I'm okay with that, but regardless of this new-found semi-grown up status I've acquired, I still fully intend to run around LA tomorrow with my girls and completely disregard it.

Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

Picture via Justin Hackworth Photography


Jarelle Fuller said...

join the club lady!

Christa Jeanne said...

Enjoy the "funemployment" as much as you can!!! I wish I'd enjoyed those unexpected (and unwelcome!) breaks so much more. Things work out in the end, after all, but it's hard to know that in the middle of them.

And growing up? In so many ways overrated. There's much wisdom to indulging from time to time and not feeling the teensiest bit bad about it.