highlights no. 44

Happy Wednesday & Happy Olympics!  We're lovin' cheering on team USA across the pond - we're honestly not watching anything else.  Admittedly we might be getting tad too into it.  Last night while I was getting ready for bed David was watching some swimming prelims and I might have caught him yelling at the screen - "Giddy up!  Come on!  Swim faster!"  And how bout our Fab Five womens gymnastics team?  So.  Much.  Fun.

Anyways, in other news, here are some fun finds from around the web:

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Abby O! said...

My Uncle started Lofthouse cookies out of his kitchen in Layton, Utah after losing his job. They had 5 kids at home and lived off of their food storage for a year while Lofthouse got under way. They sold it years ago (for a mighty pretty penny) but fun fact Lofthouse is his mother's maiden name! :)

Carly Michelle said...

Seriously Abby?? That is so cool! I owe a few choice pounds to a box (or 2) or Lofthouse cookies - they are so yummy! Pass along my many thank yous next time you see your uncle - he's, officially, the man.