London 2012

Being my mother's daughter, I have faithfully been instilled with a serious love for the Olympic games since I was a wee child.  I've had yesterday circled on our calendar for at least a month and even though David probably ought to have been studying, I told him the Opening Ceremonies were more than a worthy excuse to eat pizza with me on the couch and ignore his books.

Speaking of pizza, we made a pretty darn good one for dinner last night - a strawberry balsamic  pizza with roasted chicken, sweet onion, & applewood smoked bacon.  It was surprisingly simple to make and turned out DE-licious.  Find the recipe HERE.

 On the topic of love, did I mention I love the Olympics?  My mother kindly sent me a box of red, white, & blue decorations in the mail at the beginning of this month and, yes, I put them up last night for our own little Opening Ceremonies party.  And yes, they will stay up for the next two weeks while we watch little else than the Olympics, So You Think You Can Dance, & Project Runway.
Gosh I love summertime.

Go Team USA!!

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Chelsie Clarke said...

that pizza looks so good.
your apartment looks so good.
YOU look so good!

but really, that bun looks fantastic, HOW!?