and then there were three

Three days until the end of college.

And today was my last day of Monday classes.  EVER.
Well, at least as a student at BYU.

This is pure and utter craziness.

Who decided I was old enough to graduate from college?

Picture via BYU


Maddison DeWolf said...

so fun to see you tonight! i forgot to tell you that i love your blog. love it!

Carly Michelle said...

It was so fun to see you guys too! Thanks for being the official party planner - if we leave these things up to the boys, well, we know nothing will ever happen...

Staley said...

Cosmo - the cat with the cutest butt around. I miss BYU too!! I've been graduated for 4 months now, and I just get a little homesick for the blue and white sometimes.