suga' momma

Well it turns out I'm employed - actually I'm double employed.
And also there's that school thing.

Here's the low down:
First, I just got a job at the most darling event center in Lindon - super pumped about working with them.  Also super pumped about the extra cash flow.

Second, I'm a research assistant for a professor on campus.  These days I'm mostly inputting data into statistical software (which is presently taking up the bulk of space on my hard drive).  Yes you heard right.  Statistical software.  Fun times.

Third, I'm slowly making my way through an online class + 3 show up to a classroom classes.

And, fourth, we're mostly livin' on PB&J's around here...I think it's time to step up my cookin' game.

Life is grand and busy, but mostly grand.


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