This year David and I mutually decided to keep our Christmas gifts to each other small and simple (due to the fact that last year he ambushed me with 5 (BIG) bags/boxes full of presents the night before I flew home for the holidays...I was caught quite unprepared).

Well this year he took the cake.

Small and simple? 
Thoughtful and I love it and I'm even using it right now? 
YES again.

Ok it may be silly, but I've been wanting a little magnetic timer like this for ages and wouldn't you know he found me one, had it shipped to my parent's house in CA (so I wouldn't suspect), and surprised me with it on Christmas morning.  Very sneaky sir, very sneaky.

I had to do my own sneaking too, of course.  You know it's much easier to hide things from one another when you don't live together in the same two-room apartment...

This is one David's favorite pictures from our wedding that now graces the mall of our living room.

I'm lovin' this small and simple idea.


Christi Lynn said...

how cute! i love thoughtful gifts :)

Erika Rae said...

Carly, I adore your blog. It is very sweet and simple and I love that.

One question. How do you make your printables? I see one in your picture of your new timer (cute, by the way), and same with the new picture. You should do a tutorial on it or something..because I would LOVE to learn.

Carly Michelle said...

Erika you are such a doll - THANK YOU! However, first of all I have to admit that I didn't make the printable on the fridge - it's from the dessert table at our wedding (and made by a real graphic artist). I just use Adobe Photoshop, but I have been thinking about doing a simple tutorial - thanks for the encouragement!