As I was doing my usual blog perusing I found the cutest post from one of my friends from back home.  She and her husband come up with a theme for each year - something to live by.  Last year for them was "we can do hard things," and this year it is "take it up a notch."  How darling is that?  I love it. 

I mentioned it to David today and said, if perchance we were to have a theme for this year, what would it be? 
I liked his answer:
Find the best in people.
In situations.
To find the positive outlook.

Of course when he said it, it didn't have a bunch of lovely purple leaves around it - guilty as charged.

I think this is a particularly appropriate theme for us this year.  Life is bound to change a lot in a short 12 months.  We're going to be moving to a new city with new friends and new experiences this year.  We're going to be graduating (can you believe it??) and who knows what other curve-balls life will decide to throw at us?  But we will just have to try to find the best in it all.  
Even if it is easier said than done...

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