I've been craving a map to put up in our house for a while now.  I thought about buying one off etsy, but, lets be honest, with Christmas around the corner I'm a little tired of watching funds fly out the window.  SO...I googled.
And guess what?
Turns out  you can download all the state's shapes straight to your photoshop from Adobe.com for FREE!

All it took was a little (lot of) time and waahla!  My very own little US map made by yours truly.

Note: Yes I'm aware the states don't exactly all fit together just right, but I think it sort of adds to the charm of the thing.  Don't you agree?

Now that this is done I probably should start studying for my marketing final..


Christa Jeanne said...

I'm pretty obsessed with maps, especially of the U.S. This is DARLING!!! Well done, Carly dear. Agreed that the imperfections = charm.

Chelsie Clarke said...

OKAY. I love that! I totally concur - the mismatching adds so much personality! WAY TO GO!

Chelsie Clarke said...

p.s. carly, please do enter this http://definitionsofchelsie.blogspot.com/2011/12/ready-set-give.html
you know I would LOVE to take photographs of you & dave.