highlights no.14

Excited to try this new bistro in Provo

TONS of at home tips

Before I leave Utah I need to go see THIS house

Madewell holiday video (yes I've played it multiple times)

How to take pictures of Christmas lights - it's all about the lighting (of course)

The cutest gallery wall

A darling (FREE DOWNLOADABLE) print to add some holiday cheer to your mantle

The world's smallest postal service 

And the coolest way to peel a hard boiled egg - I need to try this!

Plus my mother-in-law gave me these & these at our early Christmas party the other night - it's everybody's off year at my in-laws house this Christmas, which means...
we're off to CALIFORNIA this weekend! waahoo!

P.S. We've been watching a few videos of this girl lately - isn't she awesome? 

P.S.S. If you live in Southern CA or any part of UT you should enter my friend's contest!  She's got photog skillz with a capital Z and she's giving away a FREE session for Christmas!  Go here to check it out! 

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Rachel said...

best highlights header yet.

for reals.