after the boat ride...

last Halloween we discovered one of Provo's holiday gems:

 notice me & Dave all cozy there in the middle?  
we had just been dating for about a month at this point

It was definitely a tradition worth keeping

Who wouldn't want to hear ghost stories about The Cremation of Sam Mcgee and Sleepy Hollow in a boat with lit jack-o-lanterns all around?

Did I mention the pirate attack in the middle of the boat ride?

Best. Tradition. Ever.   

P.S. Here are our belated Halloween costumes:
Colonel Mustard & Mrs. White

We had the whole gang (Prof. Plum, Miss Scarlet etc.), but group pictures were on someone else's camera...if I get a hold of them in the remotely near future I'll throw them up here as well!

UPDATE: Group pictures have been found

Happy {belated} Halloween!


Kristin said...

Um, your costumes are amazing. Cutest Mrs. White ever. But what do Mr. White and Ms. Mustard think of this?

DCNemrow said...

...i killed them...in the lounge...with my thumb...