10 months

Alright, can we just talk about how 10 months is such a fun age??  He's starting to learn things at super sonic speed and I keep looking over at him and seeing a little boy instead of my little baby! The time!  It goes so fast!  Just a few more months and I'll have a ONE YEAR OLD.  That's insane.  I can hardly believe that this time last year I was super pregnant and getting ready to have a tiny babe.

One of the funnest things right now is that we point at everything, anything, and all the things.  Clark points to say hi, bye, and to just acknowledge your presence.  People get a kick out of it and he makes more best friends at the mall in one shopping trip than I will in the next year.  It's the funnest.  My mom always says that babies are the great equalizer and I agree.  We're all on the same playing field with a baby and everyone has something to say about it.  One of my favorite things is getting stopped by the little grandmas in Target that just want to pinch his cheeks (and do) and tell me how sweet he is.  Oh, come on, stop it.  Just kidding, lets talk more about those big blue eyes.

This kids is majorly ticklish and he giggles like mad if you tickle under his arms or give him raspberries under his chin.  The newest tickle spot I've found is behind his knees.  Oh little boy, you are in for some intense tickle fights,

Biggest news of the month: we have a full on crawler!! It's so fun to have him really be mobile.  And dangerous.  For real.  But I just love him being able to get what he wants and its the sweetest thing when he follows me to the kitchen and will sit in the doorway chattering with me.  The bad news is we now need baby gates and, while they aren't quite as bad as I was imagining, I still don't love them.  The blessing and curse of living in a two story little town home I guess.

Also big news: we can stand.  The crib got dropped like it was hot last month, but I'm still getting used to it.  I do love coming in after his nap to that little guy standing up and smiling at me (but usually he's crying, lets be honest - Get me out of here mom!)

Little dude now has EIGHT teeth and it's crazy town.  He looks so different to me with those top four teeth peeking through and he loves munching down on crackers with a satisfying crunch when he eats.  It's the little things.

I still haven't caught it on camera, but my new favorite face he makes is too funny.  When he's not happy and wants to let you know, but doesn't want to put the effort into a full on wail, he'll scrunch up his eyes into little half moons open his mouth in a pout and make a big "Eee!" to show his displeasure.  Sorry kiddo, it's not working.  I just think you're adorable.

We've been playing peek-a-boo since this guy was tiny, but this month Clark finally started doing the hiding and peeking out.  His favorite thing to hide under is my pajamas and it's kind of the cutest thing ever to ask "Where's Clark...?" and then have him pop out and giggle.

This kid has a newfound love for my blow dryer, my cup with a straw in it, and pretty much anything I'm holding ever.  Sometimes it's cute...most of the time I just want to drink something without being mauled for a turn on the straw.  Love you little man.  Good thing I'm a pro sharer.

Little guy has discovered a new talent: motorboating his lips in a constant buzz (and lots of spit - we are in a constant splash zone over here).  And 90% of the time if you buzz your lips at him, he'll do it back to you.  Still need to catch that on video.

And lastly, somehow, this kid still gets mistaken for a girl all.the.time.  I don't exactly dress him in footballs and bright blue all the time, but I kind of feel like it's getting excessive.  It's tough being a boy with such thick dark lashes and beautiful big eyes.

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