highlights #83

Woohoo!  It's Wednesday!  Happy half-way through the week day :)  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I'm on a hunt to find more projects to keep me occupied while Dave is away these late, late nights...any suggestions?  So far I've been hitting Shutterfly like a boss and almost have our book for 2013 whipped out - winning!  I've finished reading The Night Circus and am more than halfway through Divergent, but if my pattern of downing a book a week holds, I'm going to need a lot more books on my to-read list...

Anywho, while I go peruse Pinterest, here are some fun finds from the web:

some great beauty tips

cute homemade Vday cards

this is 200 calories

winners from Target

THIS is the coolest

why is my state so...?

magic shower cleaner (tried & true)

oh Mr. Clooney

this, I want to try

printed this off yesterday - too sweet

pictures from the past

this is good to know...

your iPhone has a secret undo button

the geekiest/cutest proposal

a nostalgia trip

and an interesting article Dave and I both read and are working on (so far it's been pretty cool)


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