highlights #82

After being on the road all last week, it was a little hard to jump back into real life.  And to really spice things up, while I was gone, real life up and turned herself on her head because we just hit our first real busy season with E&Y folks!

Last year Dave worked for a smaller local firm and when we hit busy season, instead of Dave getting home at 5:30, he was home at 8:00.  We thought we were in the thick of it and were so proud of ourselves when we made it through.  Well, needless to say, Dave is getting home closer to the 11PM hour and leaving an hour sooner in the morning with his commute.  While these are indeed long days for both of us, he should be done with this busiest time by the end of March, so fingers crossed I can find enough projects on Pinterest to keep me busy till then!

With that in mind, here are some fun finds from around the web:

a few recipes I've got my eye on - here & here

I might be sold on steam rollers

part of me really wants to get one of these...

this is a great list

what city should you actually live in?  (I got Tokyo & then London - I'm going with the latter)

21 accents
- her LA impression makes me laugh every time

some interesting thoughts

the toughest scene I wrote - so interesting

the cast of Matilda then & now

test your vocab (23,000 for me - looks like I need to hit the books more often, but come on, tatterdemalion?  Vibrissae?  Who really knows what those mean??)

in anticipation of that February holiday

and a happy song


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